Why Ezeebiz eCommerce? , 29 Aug 2015

Ezeebiz is the Best Ecommerce Website Development Platform

What is ecommerce?

Ecommerce is a process of selling and buying of products and services online. Ecommerce can also be known as eshop or online shop. By opening you own online shop you can market and sell your products and services over the Internet reaching billions of clients globally.

Ecommerce is a website with sales and purchase functionality. There are various readymade off the shelf ecommerce software / ecommerce platforms like magento, hybris, oscommerce, zen cart, prestaShop, joomla which are free to use and can be hosted on your own server.

Understanding Ecommerce Platforms

About Free Off The Shelf Ecommerce Software(s)


  • These are free to use, no monthly maintenance cost apart from hosting cost. Bespoke designs.


  • If you are not technical then you will need a technical team to manage it, which turns out to be a very costly and hard to manage solution in a long run.

  • The business is not even started you are already bombarded with big integration, technical implications and management cost.

  • Since the codes are freely available to all the developer or integrators the code becomes vulnerable.

  • Just like other businesses you are using the same solution, which doesn't add any value to your business.

  • If you decide to use software's like Magento then please be aware that your competitors are going to be aware of your technology and marketing in's and out. It is as good as only having a HTML site for your business.

  • At last free is never good and we all know this.

About SAAS Systems

SAAS stands for Software as service. The use of this type of ecommerce solution is available on a monthly subscription basis and is hosted on cloud servers.


  • Cheap, No technical help with setting up the shop, Look of the ecommerce website can be changed by user.


  • Some vertical markets require industry specific business applications for which SaaS solutions are not available.

  • Capped functionality, SAAS solutions are made by a team of technical brains and not business brains. 

  • Ecommerce is all about online business and every business and its working is different. Most businesses based on SAAS are very limited to functionality.

  • Slow speed because all the website are on one server.

  • Your competitors know what you are using if they using the same SAAS solution making your business model vulnerable.

  • Template based website design and structure.

About Bespoke Ecommerce Solutions


  • Ecommerce platform is made as per business specification making it unique from your business competitor.

  • The technology idea, concept and logics are unique and dedicated to your business only that sets you a part from your competition.

  • Any type of server can be used based on your choice.

  • Bespoke solutions are scalable and can be enhanced easily based on your business new specification and requirements.

  • These solutions are developed based on your business requirements making its usability easy. Very less training or supervision is required.

  • Bespoke Ecommerce Solutions increase sales and productivity.

  • Investment is based on your pocket and you are free to invest whatever you like based on your business requirement.


  • Short listing of right development team or ecommerce solution providers is very time consuming and most of the time daunting.

  • If thinking doing in-house development then risk of recruiting wrong team wasting time and money investment is what likely going to happen

  • Massive overheads.

  • Requirement of intelligent team of technical business analysts and project managers.

  • Coding, server and technical support team.

  • And if the solution developed and provided to business is not good then waste of money and time.

About Ezeebiz Ecommerce Platform


  • Available on per month as well as one time off basis.

  • Bespoke solution based on business specification.

  • Unique to your business only.

  • With one time off solution, no monthly maintenance cost apart from hosting and support cost. Bespoke designs.

  • No need of a technical team or experience to manage it.

  • High-speed servers based on your business location.

  • Ezeebiz ecommerce platform is scalable and can be enhanced easily based on your business new specification and requirements.

  • No overheads apart from either pay monthly or one time.

  • 24/7 email support is available and personal account manager based on package.

  • Regular updates based on your business requirements.

  • No contract.

  • 30 days money back guarantee.


  • Cannot be hosted on your own servers.


Let me put these in simple words. You have an apple machine and so does your competitor. Your competitor knows what best you can get out of it and also know how to break it down. Where does it leave you? It leaves your online business technology open to all your competitors. I hope you get my point.

There are millions of Magento or other free open source integration developers and thousands of Magento platform providers. It is not a unique system for your business. For your online business to be unique and successful you will require a unique system based on the working of your business model. Your business model should not be based on how the software works it should be other way round and that is how you will be able to achieve an exceptional online sales success.

Open source solutions are more like one size fits all but in reality it is never a right fit. All tailor made suits are desirable because they will always be made to fit as per your body but it can be expensive.

Stress testing on all major open source software's is minimum or none because it is free and nobody has time to stress test it. It is just a free solution but you are paying it to ecommerce Development Company to integrate it and not developing it. I personally don't see any point to it.

SAAS solutions are very limited in functionality and on a very basic level. Doesn't provide any value to your business as well as money. Even though the prices are appealing the solutions are very basic with very less ROI. In-house Bespoke solutions are good but very expensive to run. Requirement of big and right development, design, business analyst and project managers team doesn't help business to grow as most of the investment goes in IT rather than going into the right area of the business.

Ezeebiz ecommerce platform is an excellent solution for small to enterprise level businesses. There is 10 years of research & development behind this platform. We have ran in-house big projects using Ezeebiz in the most challenging areas like IT Products, Building Materials, Fashion, Clothing, Beauty products. We are an IT company with IT professionals BUT to understand the business challenges and its complexities and to efficiently overcome them we decided to take the task of running them ourselves. All the research is done on real time businesses in almost every industry; before it is released the platform has been put on test in almost every industry. This is done to understand the implication of each industry and to tailor and develop a robust future proof smart ecommerce platform as per particular business specification.

These Online Businesses were our own in-house tasks that we took up to measure the power of Ezeebiz. We let it run itself and continuously involved ourselves in development to overcome any complexities and challenges that a business could face online or offline. For 4 years we ran those businesses and covered majority of complex issues that a business could face. We are very proud to say that through Ezeebiz we were successful in doing good online sales and helped satisfying thousands of customers gaining loyalty even though we didn't have any prior knowledge in these businesses.

Ezeebiz platform has been successful in achieving quick ROI for online business in all business areas. With this solution you will grow your business quickly as you will concentrate in marketing your business rather than investing time and money in creating a technology. Peace of mind will always be there as our technical team is always here to support you and will enhance your online shop as per your requirements. It is not an expensive ecommerce platform and will suit everybody's pocket. Ezeebiz is now ready to take up your business online and is ready to make it a "HIT" . Though Ezeebiz helps with all the complex issues its usability cant be ignored it is an easy to work with software, you don't need to be a GEEK to run your online shop. You just only need to be good at what you do without worrying about being good in installing apps, setting up eShops, payments gateways, putting up products etc etc, Ezeebiz will look after you in all those areas.

We don't believe in offering something that we haven't used ourselves in real-time and we also don't believe in learning our mistakes or improving our solutions at customer's costs. That will be a big lie if we provide you our software by calling it an excellent solution unless we have tried it and tested ourselves in real business world giving us excellent results. There is obviously a difference between calling something good and experiencing good.

We have not spent a single penny on the marketing or promotion but still our ecommerce shops worked for us in getting orders. If Ezeebiz can work for us then It can do wonders for you.

At this stage we feel that we are in a strong position to deliver a strong customizable online solution to reputable entrepreneurs like yourself increasing revenues for your company.

We can strongly say that there is no other company can provide you this sort of solution.