Work From Home

Hi, Welcome to our "Work from Home" webpage. Our company name is Ezeebiz Ltd and we are an ecommerce solution provider offering online selling tools and websites to people who want to sell online. We just want you to recommend us to your friends and families who want to sell online. The good news is you earn as they earn and we make sure at our end that we all earn. It is that simple. Please read the following FAQ's

**Introduce a friend or family and you could have £100 in your bank account in just 2 working days, if your receommened friend joins ezeebiz ecommerce platform you'll receive your funds in your bank in just 2 working days. Simple!**

Frequently Asked Questions

How does it work?
Most of our ecommerce plans have transaction fees; Most common achievable turnover through our ecommerce software is of £50,000 per month.  There is a transaction fee of 2.5% on this amount. In this case we will charge £1250 out of which you will be paid 20% commission of  £250 per customer. Therefore if you have introduced 10 customers, you will earn £2,500 every month

Commision Structure

  1. £1 – £5000 - 40%
  2. £5,001 – £50,000 – 20%
  3. £50,001 – £Upwards – 20%

When is my commission paid?
Your commission will be paid monthly.

Do I have to do any work?
All you have to do is to introduce our ecommerce solution to people who want to sell their products online.

Will there be a formal agreement between Ezeebiz and me?
Yes, we will send you an agreement explaining our commission structure and commitment.

Will this work for me?
Yes, This is not a scam, we are an ecommerce company offering online solution to people wanting to sell online. We already have some big companies using us  we cannot name them due to non-disclosure agreements. However there are few companies mentioned in our portfolio that can be reached for references. Our customers never leave us because our platform is unique and the best in the industry.

Why is Ezeebiz offering “Work From Home” option?
We believe that people are the best source of marketing. A word of mouth and recommendation as oppose to Google marketing is highly considered amongst us humans. As an appreciation if we can help somebody earn money for helping us in growing our business then why not!

Do I need training to learn this software?
You don’t need any training because you wont be selling this software. You just need to recommend us to your contact and we will reach your contact.

When does my commission start?
Your commission start from the day your recommended customer sign up with us.

What do I need to recommend to my friend/contact/customer?
If they are looking to sell their products online then they need an ecommerce platform. Ezeebiz provide them a solution and tools to sell online.

Why would my contact want to go on Ezeebiz ecommerce platform?
You have to tell them that we have the most advanced ecommerce system in the market. We are cheap as chips but only for short while. There is no monthly commitment apart from transaction fees, which only applies when they receive orders.

Since we work on transaction fee basis, it is on our best interest to make your customers business successful and that is why we work very closely with customers on board with us.

I am happy to work with Ezeebiz. What do I need to do?
It is simple, no lengthy form to fill just eMail us to giving us your details i.e Name, Number, Address and the name of recommended customers with their phone number(s) and we will enrol you on our system.